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I moved around the country a lot growing up. My family lived in California, Utah, and Nevada, following my stepfather’s career where it took him. In 1987 I enlisted in the United States Air Force and served for twenty-three years.

While serving in the Air Force, I lived in and traveled to several states and foreign countries, where I met many people from other cultures and different backgrounds, before landing in Nebraska in 2002. My family originally lived in Peru before moving to La Vista in 2008.

Like many military families, we had planned to stay at my final posting until our kids finished school and I retired, and then we were going to choose where to move, but when the time came we chose to stay here. (We’ve spent ten years in the same house, which is a record for us.)

We stayed for the people we had befriended and the wonderful community that had embraced us, the sort of close-knit community we had previously known only in the military.

In the Air Force, I started out as an Aircraft Maintenance Technician in fuel systems before transitioning to Military Intelligence as an Airborne Cryptologic Language Analyst. I finished my career at Offutt Air Force Base as an Airborne Mission Supervisor Instructor on the RC-135 Rivet Joint reconnaissance aircraft. I accrued almost 5000 flight hours, over 1900 of which were supporting combat missions in our current military conflicts.

I retired from the Air Force in 2010 as a Master Sergeant and began working for defense contractor Booz | Allen | Hamilton. I still work at Offutt AFB, in the same field and the same building, training Airmen to do my previous job. I stopped flying in 2017, shortly before announcing my candidacy.

From 2014-2016, I was the Co-Chair for BAH’s Workforce Leadership Council, which was concerned with Leadership and Development, Community Partnerships and the Environment. I led efforts that include a Rebuilding Together Omaha house refurbishment; a Salute Military Golf Association tournament to raise money for wounded veterans; fundraising for Omaha’s Lydia House; and collecting donations for local food banks.

While still on active duty, I took advantage of the military’s tuition assistance benefit and earned a Bachelor of Applied Science in Management from Peru State College in 2006. After I retired, I continued to use the education benefits from the Veteran’s Administration and received my Master in Business Administration from Creighton University in 2016.

I am running for office because I believe that we need more integrity in government. I served our country with honor and I promise to serve the people of District 14 and all Nebraskans the same way.


Jeff Parris has been endorsed by Nebraska AFL-CIO, Teamsters Local 554, Communications Workers of America Local 7400, Nebraska PACE (Social Workers), SMART Local 872 (Nebraska State United Transportation Union PAC), Nebraska Farmers Union, Planned Parenthood Voters of Nebraska, Holland Children’s Movement (Children’s PAC), Nebraska Alliance for Retired Americans, Nebraska State Education Association, NDP LGBTQIA Caucus, NDP Women’s Caucus, High School Democrats of America, Sierra Club – Nebraska Chapter.