Jeff and his family moved here for Papillion/La Vista’s excellent public education system. He knows that every child should be in a great school. Nebraska is 49th in state funding for public education, putting one of the nation’s highest funding burden on our taxpayers. Cutting down on the misuse of Tax Increment Financing will increase tax revenue that can be used to improve our schools without increasing the burden on taxpayers.

“Parris, a Democrat, proposes raising revenue to fund these projects by asking corporations doing business in Nebraska to voluntarily suspend incentives they received in order to relocate to the state. He said he saw the company he works for — Booz Allen Hamilton — do exactly that when approached by the military some six years ago.

“The company agreed to take a little bit of a hit, as did the employees,” he said. “I’m not saying every company’s going to go for that, but it’s never even been tried.””

Papillion Times

Jeff also believes that post-secondary education is important in today’s fast-changing world, but he understands that not everyone wants a college degree. In the Legislature, he will work toward providing more options for apprenticeships and technical training for people who want to take that path.

As a non-traditional student himself, Jeff knows we need more options for people who want to go to college while they are working or raising children. He will support people working to make a better life for themselves and their families, whatever path they take to get there.

Jeff is proud to have the endorsement of the Nebraska State Education Association.

Mental Health:

Anyone who has spoken to Jeff knows how important mental health care is to him. Mental health often gets pushed aside. Jeff wants to make sure Nebraskans have more affordable, accessible mental health care. Nebraska has a critical shortage of providers. Too many of our fellow citizens suffer from mental health issues, including children and military veterans, and they deserve the best care we can provide.

Mental illness takes a financial toll on individuals, families, our communities and our state. Mental illnesses are like any other health problem: many aren’t permanent, most can be treated, but some people get very ill.

“”One third of the people in Nebraska identify with mental health issues, and I think we could do better,” said Parris.”

KETV interview

It’s common sense that treating mental illness is best for everyone in Nebraska.


Jeff supports expanding Medicaid and bringing Nebraskans’ federal tax dollars back home. He knows that there are issues with the Affordable Care Act, but he believes the law has done a lot of good and doesn’t think you should be denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions.

“As a member of the military, Parris said he always knew he had health care for his family and said that gave him peace of mind. That comfort is why Parris is in favor of Medicaid expansion.

“I want everyone to have that peace of mind, knowing their family members will be taken care of,” Parris said.”

Omaha World Herald

Opportunities for Nebraskans:

Jeff wants to encourage small businesses to open in our community. Not only do these businesses increase tax revenue, but they also provide much-needed, good-paying jobs for Nebraskans.

Locally-owned businesses also increase the sense of community that Jeff and his family have enjoyed in the Papillion/La Vista area since they moved here.




  • Holland Children’s Movement
  • SMART Local 872
  • Nebraska State Education Association
  • Nebraska AFL-CIO
  • Nebraska Alliance for Retired Americans
  • Teamsters Local 554
  • Communications Workers of America Local 7400
  • Nebraska Farmers Union
  • Nebraska PACE
  • Planned Parenthood Voters of Nebraska
  • Nebraska Sierra Club
  • High School Democrats of America
  • Nebraska League of Conservation Voters
  • NDP LGBTQIA Caucus
  • NDP Women’s Caucus
  • Progressive Campaign Change Committee (named a Champion)